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Country: Libya Libya

Total developed area 165 000 sq m Main Departments. Adult Inpatients Department 200 beds, Rest, Recreation, and Garden Terrace at 18 m above Ground Level Children Inpatient Department 100 beds, Play and Rest Terrace on Hospital Rooftop. Outpatient Departments for Adults and Children with Glaucoma Ward.
Diagnostics/Laboratory Department. Emergency Department with Surgery Ward Operation Theatre with I.C.U. & D A W. Center for Research, Training & Postgraduate Studies. Senior and Medium Staff Quarters. Covered-Parking for 180 Vehicles

      By country
      Hospitals and Polyclinics
• 6 Nos. Multifunctional Hospitals
• 16 Nos. Polyclinics
• 16 Nos. Nurse Training Schools
• Central Medical Stores
• Dental Faculty – Libya
• Specialized Clinics in Libya, Yemen